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2017 MSA West Tajdeed Retreat Application
Tajdeed Retreat is an annual outdoor camp retreat designed to provide attendees with tangible takeaways to better themselves as muslims, and this years takeaway will be knowing the different stages of the Day of Resurrection and to ultimately fear the Wrath of Allah—but to have Hope in His Rahma (Mercy).

On this Day, you can’t hide any of your sins, they will be placed in front of you. Every single person will be answering for their deeds. There will be no escape from the life you lived in Dunya. "We warn you of doom at hand. A day when a man will look on that his own hand has sent before, and the non-believers will cry: "Wish that we were dust." (Qur'an 78:40) Are we prepared to stand before our Lord?

Location: Camp Sylvester | 28770 Dodge Ridge Rd, Pinecrest, California 95364

Event Timing: October 20th-22th, 2017

Registration cost: $95

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