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INTRODUCTION LETTER (Print a copy for your records)

Dear Prospective Volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering abroad while choosing Creative Minds Foundation, The Gambia to launch out.

Creative Minds Foundation(CMF), is a registered non profit organization with a mission to develop, manage and transfer skills and vocation to economically empower the youths, adults and women to meet the MDG’s of The Gambia.

To achieve this dream and vision of developing the people and meeting the manpower requirement of a fast developing economy, CMF, encourages international and local volunteers to work with several organizations and institutions in The Gambia. From a minimum period of 4 weeks to 1 year, several programs are designed to meet the need and expectation of both the volunteers and the institution to work with in such a manner that allows for cultural exchange, intellectual knowledge and social interaction of both parties in a friendly but business like setting. Our orientation training of both parties involved has been our strength to make the volunteering an unforgettable experience to relish with nostalgia many years to come.

Furthermore, our offer is a total package that includes the airport pick-up, accommodation, medical check-up, in –house orientation and cultural information and investment or career guidance and visa extension. This is always personalized to suit the expectation of the prospective volunteer. We welcome group participation, with economical discounts, and allow for flexibility on special requests.

Finally, we professionally handle all matters and will expect the volunteer to send in their résumés, copies of professional certificates and areas to volunteer and the period of their stay and indication of health, handicap and other special situations in other for us to prepare and guide in the choice of areas to work in.

Find below the payment details:

1 month(2-4weeks) US$ 800
4-6 months US$ 1,500
7-8 months US$ 1,800
9-12 months US$ 2,000
1 year US$ 3,000

There is no hidden fee or payment on arrival or during your stay. We welcome further questions or clarification on any of these issues and payment details after you have received a confirmation of your eligibility to participate in the volunteering programme.

We thank you once again for your interest and choice of CMF.

Programme Coordinator(West Africa)
Adetunji Aderonmu

+(220)6611884, 7711884


Are you looking for a unique, rewarding, peaceful, affordable and educational travel destination? Do you want a renewed
and creative mind and acquire The Gambian experience ? Combining volunteering with your travels can add a whole new dimension to your overseas adventure. We are a reputable non-profitable organisation serving the interest of our worldwide participants.Creative Minds Foundation,The Gambia can provide you with with our warm hospitality known for the country and give you choices and support to make your Volunteering experience a worthwhile and successful one!

You can expect to be working alongside at least one other international volunteer. Placements are managed locally so you
have immediate first-hand experience of the community and local environment. This allows for a greater understanding of a community’s needs. It will also provide more challenges and greater personal rewards.

Working as a volunteer is truly rewarding Experience,
Whether you help to Teach young ones at School, or
Helping in Business development etc. Experiences will
Be different for each individual. However, by giving
Some of your time and enthusiasm it is common to gain greater
Global awareness and understanding, increased confidence,
Greater tolerance, independence, friendship and develop new skills.

Teaching in primary and secondary schools
Working with an NGO on programme of choice
Teaching Children age 4yrs and above
Business development
Working with HIV/Aids on micro-Finance/Skill training
Working with orphans/Children with learning difficulties
Research on various fields and projects in the Gambia

CMF works closely with the like- minded grass root organizations in The Gambia
Who act as the host organization and offers a wide variety of volunteering experiences
In their particular project, but all projects share common themes.

(a) choose your area of interest where your skills set fills
(b) make sure you receive full pre-departure and support
(c) have all the necessary documents and immunization

What sort of Person takes part on a Volunteer programme?

“You need to be confident and overflowing with enthusiasm. You
Must be self-motivated to ensure you can make a positive contribution
To a project and look to apply yourself to any other area in which you
Can help. Integration with the local community will require that you are
Tolerant, patient and independent. Without doubt you must be 100%

Previous work and travel experience is an advantage. However, anyone
With sense of adventure, a desire to help people less fortunate than
Themselves and boundless enthusiasm will make a suitable volunteer
Applicant. Everyone can expect to be warmly welcomed by their host
Community or projects!

When payment is confirmed, detailed Project Description Document with attached welcome letter of placement will be sent to you.

Which programme is right for me?
When considering which programme is most suitable for you, here are some
Questions you should think about:

(1) Are you interested in being in a rural or urban area?
(2) Are you more interested in community or environmental/ecological projects?
(3) Do you want to live with a local host family?
(4) Can you speak/are you willing to learn another language during your stay?
(5) Are you willing to take your own responsibility when the need arise?

Answering these questions should help you to identify which opportunities are most suitable for you. If you are still not sure, please feel free to call CMF. or contact us for any help you may, need about the volunteer placement.

What does my programme fee includes?
Country Orientation
Accommodation throughout the placement
24-hours emergency support
Monthly Medical check up
Visa extension/renewal
Airport pick-up and departure after the placement

(Q)Can I choose my own volunteer placement?

(Q)How structured will the Placement be?
(A)Volunteering in a developing country requires you to be
Extremely flexible. You may find that your role is vague;
You should be prepared to adapt and develop your placement
On an ongoing basis. The greater your contribution, the more you will achieve.

(Q)How many people take part on each programme?
(A)This varies; on the number of applicants we have.

(Q)Can I arrange my own flight?
(A)Yes! But we recommend you to contact the following travel agencies
Gambian Experience,

(Q)Who organises my accommodation?
(A)We will arrange the accommodation in the community where you will be working.

(Q)What type of food would I expect?
(A)Local cooked food served, special orders, also expects more of spicy food.

(Q)Do you accept couples?
(A)Couples are welcome and there is even 10% discount for those wishing to take part in a project with their partner. The same apply to two friends wishing to work together.

(Q)Can I stay longer once I am on the project?
(A)It depends on the programme but this might be possible.

(Q)What does a community project mean?
(A)Basically it means you get to live and work in a community in the project Concerned.

(Q)Is there any training involved?
(A)You will have an induction period upon arrival, to help you understand the project and the Culture in the Gambia.

(Q)How much notice do I need to give for one of your projects?
(A)Once you have a placement, it is usually 3-4 weeks.

Note: Volunteers wishing to apply to research on various fields can please contact the office for more details and if you want to volunteer with another project that is not listed on this project orientation pack please contact us for further information.

Creative Minds Foundation is a non profit organization with registration no. RC 1435/2004

I understand the terms and conditions of this offer and will be prepared to volunteer in The Gambia *
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