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Conservative Anabaptist (CA) Leaders’ Response to Sex Abuse (SA) & Domestic Violence (DV)
Many people suffer sexual abuse, domestic violence, or both. Having a safe place to go for help and support is critical. This survey explores how the abused experience leaders’ responses.

Conservative Anabaptist for the purpose of this survey is any Anabaptist group that practices: distinct attire (men in pants, women in skirts), headship veiling for women, nonresistance etc. This includes any Anabaptist split who no longer identify as “Mennonite” or “Anabaptist”, but who hold the same traditions and doctrines (ie; Charity and Charity-type and other similar groups).

Domestic Violence for the purpose of this survey is: beatings, threats of violence, death threats and other physically aggressive or violent abuses.
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