CMC VoiceThread Account Request

This form is for current CMC faculty/staff who would like to use CMC’s license to obtain a VoiceThread account. With this account, you can visit VoiceThread's website at and build an unlimited number of multi-media slideshows. You can also post comments on slideshows.

If you already have used your CMC email address to sign up for a free account at, you will receive an invitation to upgrade your account and add it to CMC's license. Otherwise, we will build you a new account and send you the details for using it at

Please note: CMC students should visit and sign up for a free account on their own. They can post unlimited comments with a free account and build up to 3 slideshows at a time as well.

The Office of Innovations provides training and support for CMC's VoiceThread account:
Professional development calendar including VoiceThread trainings:

You are welcome to contact the Office of Innovations before submitting this request to learn more about VoiceThread first.

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