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Application form for volunteering at the school construction of Newill Academy in Koforidua, Ghana in 2020.
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1. Full name: *
2. Place and date of birth: *
3. Active address:
4. Private phone: *
5. Institutions of education (include name, dates attended, degree, field of study):
6. Fellowships or scholarships previously or currently held (include source or sponsor, period and place of study):
7. Occupational experience (include names and contacts of last three employers, plus the type of work and dates):
8. Academic or professional honors, publications etc.:
9. Extra-curricular activities (volunteering, membership in student organizations and academic societies, etc.):
10. Please provide a brief explanation of why you wish to volunteer with Newill Academy: *
11. Foreign experience (give countries, dates and reasons, e.g. study, travel, volunteering):
12. Have you ever done any manual labor, e.g. farming, road work, construction etc? Please specify:
13. Do you have any skills or hobbies which require special manual dexterity, e.g. model building, sculpture, painting, ceramics, playing musical instrument? Please specify:
14. Do you have work experience with the following tools? (please check where appropriate):
15. Have you ever worked with the following building materials? (please check where appropriate):
16. Computer Skills: Please list the hardware and software that you are familiar with:
17. Language skills and levels (beginner / advanced / fluent / mother tongue) *
18. Other Skills/Abilities:Do you have any other skills or abilities that you think might be useful in construction work that have not been mentioned? Please specify.
19. Timeframe of availability (please specify your preferred time for volunteering between 1th July and 30th September 2019) *
Responsibility Acknowledgement
By submitting my application I admit, that I am ready to take part as a volunteer, on my own decision in the construction work organized by Newill Academy, Koforidua, Ghana in August / September 2019 under the following circumstances:
1. I am fully responsible of my private health insurance policy (highly recommended).
2. I am fully responsible of my vaccinations and medication if necessary (highly recommended).
3. I am fully responsible of my daily expenses during the volunteering.
4. I am fully responsible of acquiring my own visa to Ghana for the given period.
5. I will show up in Accra, Ghana at the previously agreed date and time and understand that getting
there is my own responsibility.
6. I understand that returning to my country after volunteering is my own responsibility.
7. I understand that the organizers are not to be held responsible for any injuries or loss occurred during
10. I will take full responsibility for all the damage that I cause to any professional equipment, except for
those occurred while proper use.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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