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KBR Reviewer Sign-up
Thank you for your interest in becoming a KBR Reviewer.

As a member of the review team you will receive an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of Kasey's future releases in exchange for an honest review to be posted on release day or no later than 15 days after release day. Reviews must be posted on and Goodreads. Reviews can also be posted on any other sites the reviewer chooses (example: B&N, iBooks, KOBO, GooglePlay, Facebook, etc.). Please be sure to follow site guidelines where ever you post your review.

Kasey (me) will email you an Instafreebie link approximately 7-10 days before release day. (Add to your contacts list so your book link doesn't get stuck in spam) The copy is for reviewer eyes only. The copy you receive will be marked with the reviewers name. This allows KBR to track it in case of piracy or unauthorized sharing. The reviewer is responsible for their copy and will be held responsible should it be distributed or shared without authorization. Piracy is illegal. We do not like pirates, unless you are Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom, then pirate away, because we totes love you and think you are hot. The reviewer is responsible for loading the book on their device. You will receive your book via instaFreebie, they have instructions on their website if you don't know how to do this.

On release day, I will email a link to a Google form so you can submit your Amazon and Goodreads review links to KBR once your review is posted. You will need to copy and paste the direct link (permalink) to your reviews on the form so that I and/or KBR admin can verify your reviews.

**Do not send screen captures, pictures, emails, Facebook PM, etc to Kasey Belle or KBR to verify your reviews, they will not be accepted. In summary, post the reviews, copy the direct links, and paste them to the form.** Easy peasy.

Failure to post reviews within 15 days of release day and/or properly share the review links with KBR will remove you as a reviewer and someone from the wait list will take your place. If you post reviews on other sites, there will be an area on the form to share those links as well, if you wish to do so (not required, but appreciated).

Of course, as with any author, it is I hope you love my book, but alas it doesn't always work that way. The ARC's are given in exchange for an HONEST review only. Your review can be as long as you wish. A single sentence is fine. I only ask that you do not ruin the book for other readers, so no spoiling it with spoilers, please.

If you find typos or other grammatical issues, feel free to let me know (email, Facebook PM, or website message). Just because I know what I'm trying to say, doesn't mean others do. ;-). This is definitely not required, but is greatly appreciated.

Reviewers are added on a first-come-first-serve basis. Reviewers on the wait list will be added as KBR spots open up.

**From time to time I will invite you to review books I've already published. A form will be sent to you to choose which work you would like to receive in exchange for an honest review. Reviewing books that are already published is strictly voluntary. However, if you request the book, you must review the book within 15 days of receipt of said book. If you request the book, but do not review it, you will be removed as a reviewer.**

If you have any questions please contact Kasey at:

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