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Mountaineering for committed alpinists
Hi All

Thanks for showing an interest in the NZAC Auckland Section Advanced Snowcraft Course. Between 11th and 15th July, we will be climbing in Arthurs Pass National Park, based at Temple Basin and will be in the mountains over the four days with one over-night camping/snow-caving to learn specific skills and knowledge and putting them into practice during mountain travel and ascents of peaks.

We will teach you how to have independent mountain adventures where you will learn and practice techniques and knowledge that will give you the ‘best chance’ to come home without incident; better friends with summits. You will have multiple opportunities to practice and 'groove in' learned skills

This is a climbing course which is subject to weather, surface conditions and participant needs. Depending on these conditions we plan to cover:

• Mountain sense – climbing as a life time sport.
• Preparation for being in the mountains: Planning, Team, objectives/goals ( shared mental model)
• Being in the mountains: Decision making (Transitions) Weather, terrain, avalanche hazard.
• Movement in the mountains including technical skills: ice, mixed, rock. Terrain assessment, Route selection, track
setting, pacing. Navigation
• Technical Systems for safe ascent, descent and emergencies. Knots, rope, anchors, runners, ascent, descent, glacier
travel & crevasse rescue
• Managing changing circumstances and emergencies: sliding, weather, surface conditions, caught out, minimal
emergency equipment.

The cost of the course will be $895 which includes MSC Avalanche Awareness and Alpine Guides Technical Manual ($295 at no extra charge). I will give you the bank details once your instructors are satisfied with your experience and have confirmed your spot on the course.
Cost does not include: food, flights return to Christchurch, return transport to Temple Basin. Estmate $275 to $325 for flights and travel.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Many thanks

Peter Cammell

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