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WATG Advocacy Action Network

WATG's Government Action Committee is constantly building and updating our Wisconsin GT advocacy network. We want to connect with parents, teachers, students, administrators, grandparents, school boards and community members from all over the state who are interested in gifted and talented education.

At times, we need as many people as possible to contact their legislators in order to get a specific message to our elected officials. Other times, we need to target members of a particular legislative district.

As a member of this network, you will receive email alerts when we need you to make a call or send an email to your legislators. It is recommended that you use personal, rather than work, email addresses when communicating with legislators to advocate.

It is essential that you provide your HOME address so that we can identify YOUR state and federal representatives.

We won’t share your information with other organizations. If you ever decide that you no longer wish to receive these updates and alerts, just send us an email at and we will remove your information from our list.

Thank you for helping us advocate for the needs of gifted in Wisconsin!
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