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La Cosecha subsidized large share form 2018
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I agree to pick up my CSA share each week for the rest of the season, the duration of which is determined by my date of sign up. The entire 2018 season dates from June 13th to October 25th. I undertsand that in return for the produce I am receiving I am investing in the farmers of Agri-cultura Network. I will make every effort to make my payments on time, and to pay for any shares that I am unable to pick up, unless I have given advance notice the week before that I cannot make it. I may have someone pick up my share if I cannot make it. I understand that any shares not picked up will be donated, and there will be no refunds issued. If I do not pick my share up for two consecutive weeks without communicating I will be dropped from the program. If I am four weeks behind on my payments I will be dropped from the program. I understand the type and amount of produce in my bag will vary from week to week based on seasonality and availability. I may change the size of my share a week in advance. Payments can be made using cash, check, credit card, or SNAP. Checks can be made out to Agri-cultura Network.
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