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Survey 30days30waysUK 2019
This is a short survey for all hosts and professional volunteer partners of the 2019 campaign. Your answers will help us to analyse and evaluate the campaign with the aim to making it even better next year. THANK YOU for your continued support of #30days30waysUK.

For a review of the 2019, please see the twitter 'master' thread which is pinned to the top of the @30days30waysUK twitter account at
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The 30days30waysUK campaign is
How is the 30days30waysUK campaign useful (or not) to you? Please describe.
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What was not good about the campaign and how can it be improved?
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Which themes worked well and why? For a recap see the pinned post on our twitter feed at *
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Which themes did not work well and why? Please describe and suggest improvements. For a short recap see the pinned post on our twitter feed at
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Suggestions for other themes? Anything that is of particular interest locally?
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Are you interested to take part again in 2020?
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Have you accessed and shared the 30days30waysUK website for information and resources?
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Your preferred method to collaborate
Please share your September social media analytics to help us better evaluate the impact of the 30days30waysUK campaign. Simply download the relevant date range from your social media analytics and email to
Please state your name, organisation and contact. Thank you for your feedback!
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