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Introduction to the Test
Sawaddii kha,
Here is Kru Smuk of BananaThai School.

This test is created for those who would like to test their Thai language foundation.

Remember, the test is inspired by my 'Intensive Thai Course' in which it is designed and developed to help Thai learners 'BUILD A STRONG THAI LANGUAGE FOUNDATION' with great 'Vocabulary', 'Grammar' and 'Conversational' skills.

In this Test, there are 20 questions, categorized in 2 main sessions:
1. Vocabulary (10 points)
2. Grammar or language foundation (10 points)

Grading Guide
🔹If you got less than 12 points, your foundation is not yet strong, but it can be improved. Maybe you know a lot of Thai basic words, but still use them improperly. This course is exactly what you're looking for.
🔹If you got equal or more than 12 points, congratulations! You have a pretty strong Thai foundation, but it could be improved and moved to another level by the course. Considering taking this course could be a great way to review and correct your common mistakes.

* Please note that, all words, phrases and grammar topics in Thai test are selected from the course.
This course covers all of these topics from the test. Indeed, you will be learning much more, and will be able to answer all questions correctly after the course.

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