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GSA Leaders Forum 2018 - Mentor Application
The Gender and Sexuality Alliance Leadership Forum is a free 5-day educational opportunity for 50 youth from across the country. The GSA Leaders Forum will take place from May 7th-May 11th 2018. Mentors will be expected to arrive one day earlier on May 6th for a day of training and set-up.

The event will primarily take place at Glendon College in Toronto, with a downtown field trip as one component of the Forum. This program consists of interactive workshops, educational activities, and keynote speakers. Forum participants complete the program with the tools and knowledge needed to address discrimination and promote diversity by running successful Gender and Sexuality Alliance clubs in their schools.

As a Youth Mentor at this Forum, you will be expected to take on certain responsibilities, such as: leading a house of participants throughout the Forum, facilitating house check-ins, helping set-up and tear-down, and doing nightly bed-checks.

This year we have a few different Mentor roles that we are looking to fill:
- Senior Mentors: Have been a mentor before at a CCGSD forum;
- Junior Mentors: Have participated in a CCGSD forum and will be paired up with a Senior Mentor and lead a group of participants;
- Logistics Mentors: Will support staff and fellow Mentors with forum logistics;
Arts and Recreation Mentor: This is a new role. The person chosen for this role will be responsible for engaging participants during break times, organizing art activities throughout the forum, overseeing a larger art project and managing the talent show;

To apply as a Youth Mentor, please fill in the following form. Thank-you for your time and I look
forward to getting to know you!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Amanda at or 613-400-1875.

Name (First and Last)
Pronouns (She/Her, He/Him, Ze/Zir, They/Them etc.)
E-mail Address
Year of Graduation
Phone Number (primary)
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Full Mailing Address
School or Institution
Full School Address
Were you a Participant or Mentor at a past CCGSD forum?
If you were a Participant or a Youth Mentor last year, what did you enjoy about the forum and what would you like to see change this year? (250 words max.)
What skills can you bring to this leadership role and what past leadership experience do you have? (250 words max.)
If you were a Participant or a Mentor last year, would you be interested in facilitating a workshop on how the Forum impacted your school's GSA?
Please select which Mentor role you are interested in applying for.
By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. I understand that if I am accepted as a Youth Mentor, any false statements, omissions,or other misrepresentations made by me on this application may result in my immediate dismissal.
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