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The North Carolina Chapter of AER has a vested interest in the education and rehabilitation of children and adults with visual impairments. In order to advance the educational and rehabilitative opportunities of this population, NC AER has established a Fund for Innovative Projects. This fund will be made available to chapter members for the funding of special projects or activities.
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NC AER will award up to up to $500 in member grants per year. Grants will be awarded in amounts of $100 to $250 each for North Carolina AER members currently involved in the education or rehabilitation of persons who are blind or visually impaired.
Grants can be used:
To attend professional development activities that involve travel away from home (not reimbursed by employer),
To fund research relevant to job activities,
To make or purchase materials to use with students or clients, and
To fund activities that will lead to student or client progress.
Applicant Qualifications
Shall be actively engaged in the education or rehabilitation of persons who are blind or visually impaired.
Shall be a member in good standing of North Carolina AER.
Shall not have received a member grant in the past three years.
Grant Recipient Responsibilities
Share what they learned through the grant by either
* Writing an article for the North Carolina AER newsletter
* Writing a NC AER Listserv posting, which will later be posted on the NC AER website

Submit receipts showing how the money was spent.

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