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Grades 3-5 PBIS Feedback 2017
end of year survey for PBIS grades 3-5
Do you feel you are recognized for positive behavior (clip up, special privileges, shout outs, your name is used as an example for the class, etc)? *
I am hardly recognized
Yes, I get recognized frequently (a lot)
Do you feel the expectations on our school behavior matrix are fair? *
None are fair
They are all fair
Please name all of the Bee Rules. *
Your answer
Do you know what to do to earn a shout out? *
I don't knonw
Of course I can tell you
Please give an example of what you can do to earn a shout out. *
Your answer
What is the shout out goal for each student? *
Your answer
What is the school wide shout out goal? *
Your answer
Would you like to be able to give out shout outs? *
Do you know what Triple AAA is and how you earn it? *
I have no idea
I can tell you exactly what it is and how you earn it
Should we continue the table of honor? *
Do you have ideas for school wide rewards? *
Your answer
What would you change about PBIS if you could? *
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