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Share your Mental Health Journey!
Sometimes all you need is a story! There are millions of people out there who might just need a brim of hope to cross over. Are you someone who has lived with a mental health condition and/or are currently on your recovery journey?  We would love to hear from you. At Speaking Grey, we have built a community of mental health warriors and their stories have been a great source of inspiration to all of us. Please check out our Blog for stories of Mental Health Warriors. (Link:
Please note:
1) Please feel free to share what you're comfortable with
2) Please refrain from describing any self harm methods - the purpose of the stories is to empower others and to give hope and inspiration to those in need.
3) Do share your coping skills, helpful resources, etc which others can benefit from.

We appreciate your support so much. We are proud of you and your journey! <3

With Kindness,
Aditi & Team Speaking Grey

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7. Your journey with Mental Health (Shedding light on any mental health condition you had or currently live with) *
8. Effective Coping Techniques - Things that helped you to cope with your condition and helped you in your recovery journey *
9. A message to others (What would you like to tell those who maybe struggling with their mental health right now or those who live with a mental health condition?) *
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11. Do you have any message for us? We love hearing from our community!
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