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Become AGRITECH UNIT Digital Resident
AGRITECH UNIT is a platform for innovative startups, traditional businesses, agro experts and opinion-leaders to share their experience, to find new opportunities, to create new solutions to disrupt UA agriculture. It is an independent organization and act as a centre for the agritech ecosystem in Ukraine on the basis of UNIT.City innovation park. Whether you are a startup, bank, insurance company or investor, we have the connections you need. If you’re happy with your current space or you reside in other city though, we’re still here to help you as a digital member.
Apply for:
Access to only networking events,
Special prices for service providers (legal, digital, PR etc)
Discounts for UNIT.Events and industry events,
Special conditions for organizing industry events on campus,
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What support and network are you searching for?
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Is the re any specific way AGRITECH Unit can support you?
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