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1. No application can be accepted without an instrumental teacher’s details. This is because we may contact your teacher to confirm your readiness to audition. In the case of those under 18, a parental endorsement is required for applications to be accepted.
2. Pre-higher education applicants will be expected to attend orchestras that perform at a high technical level, on a weekly basis, and to sustain this commitment even when a member of the CSYO.
3. A commitment to regular attendance on ALL courses and concerts throughout each season will be required from those accepted. The orchestra meets three times a year during the main vacations. Courses vary from 4 days at Christmas and Easter, to 14 days when we go on tour in the summer.
4. Fees for courses are payable in advance. Normally the orchestra tours abroad alternate years. The Friends of the CSYO subsidise all orchestral members on courses, with extra help for students of 18+ living away from home, and siblings, however members are entitled to apply for additional financial help in cases of need.
5. Fees vary depending on whether the orchestra is touring in the UK or abroad. When touring in the UK, annual membership costs around £900. When touring abroad, membership for the full year costs around £1100. These figures are for guidance only. We have financial support available and no student should be discouraged from applying on financial grounds.
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