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Celebrate Democracy
The New York City is the most populated city in the Country with over 8.4 million people according to the Census Bureau. Among this 4.5 million are registered voters according to the state board of election’s 2015 November 1st data. The New York City is also the hub for the largest student population which is over 800,000. However we are not so productive in the electoral process. The recent election voter turnout proves it. The Collegiate Congress have conducted an in-person (talking to students in campuses) research to find the reason for the reluctance of participation in the electoral process. The research found few impressive reasons for this lower turn out. Which are;
1. The day of election (first Tuesday of November) collides with their academics.
2. They have no clue of the voting booths.
3. No proper marketing of elections other than the Presidential elections.

The Collegiate Congress, is now expanding its research on this issue to find a solution for the crisis. Being the oldest democracy and the youth turning their back to the democratic process is a serious matter of concern. This is an epidemic that will carve the fundamental values and the principles of the nation. It’s high time that we have to find a prudent and effective solution. The Collegiate Congress, have formed a research and analysis team to work on this matter. The Collegiate Congress, in this matter is conducting a survey and a petition.
The Collegiate Congress, will reach out to all organizations and other entities that supports this cause. The Collegiate Congress, has pledged its service to better the socio-political culture among the students and getting the students out to the democratic process is the first step.

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