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1.5 International SNS Photo & Video Contest
For the Earth
1.5 International SNS Photo & Video Contest

“Blooming your ECO SENCE on Social Media”

*The Meaning of 1.5 International SNS Photo & Video Contest?
Showcasing a photo or a '15 second' video that centers around overcoming the climate crisis by keeping the rise or global temperature within 1.5 degrees Celsius

~ 08. 08. (Sun)

A photo or a '15 second' video that is taken or created to stimulate environmental sensitivity among viewers, thereby spreading awareness in environmental issues, such as climate crisis and resource circulation, in our everyday life.

1. Application submission: Google form
2. Submission of works: Upload your work to your SNS along with the tag of the #1point5ecosense(Facebook, Instagram)
3. Submit the link to the post via E-mail

- The award ceremony is scheduled in August.
- Small gifts will be offered to the winners.
- The screening will be conducted through 'Online Citizen Participation' and 'Expert Screening'.
- Online citizen participation screening is conducted on SNS, YouTube, and offline sites.
(Search '#1point5ecosense')

Open to Anyone

Photo / '15 second' video

Minister of Environment Prize 1
*Awards for each category below
Gold Prize 1
Silver Prize 1
Best View Prize 1


Hosted by Korea LOHAS Association
Sponsored by Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Ministry of Environment, Jeju Free International City Development Center
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A) Please provide all of the personal information specified below.
* If the team consists of 2 or more people, all team members are required to submit their information.
1) Name *
2) Belonging to *
3) Email to Contact *
4) My Role in the team *
5) Name of the work, intentions of the project. *
B) Please check all the notes below.
Note 1. [Precautions]
1. All work must be original. Once determined, all plagiarized work may be disqualified from the contest.
2. All work must comply with the YouTube copyright, in order to receive the YouTube global citizen vote.
3. All submitted work will be uploaded to YouTube in the order of the submission date. (First work submitted displayed at the top.)
4. Duplicate entries by category are possible, but duplicate awards are not given to the same person.
5. The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the applicant(creator), and the copyright remains with the applicant even after receiving the award.
6.The organizer may reproduce, distribute, or reprocess the submitted works within the limit to achieve the purpose of publicity and exhibition.
(Copyright non-exclusive license)
   * Purpose of use: Press release, online publication such as press releases, homepage/blog/SNS, etc. exhibition and various event exhibitions, production and distribution of promotional materials by the organizer, and other publicity use ranges  
7. The festival schedule is subject to change, determined by the organizer.
8. The winners for each category will be decided by the judges selected by the 1.5 International SNS Photo & Video Contest and no explanations of reason will be provided for unselected works.
9. Any problems arising from ignorance of notices are the responsibility of the applicant.
Note 2. [How to submit]
1. Application submission: Submit Google form
2. Submission of work: Upload your work to your social media (Facebook, Instagram) with the tag #1point5ecosense
3. Submit the post link by E-mail  
Confirm having read the notes. *
Consent to personal information. *
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