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Wikipedia Research Help Page Survey
Please take 5 minutes and tell us what you think of the Research Help Page -- an experiment to improve understanding of how Wikipedia works and how to use it for research. Your feedback will help us decide whether to show this page more or less, and we how to improve it if we can.

The "Research Help" page:

**By participating in this survey, you consent to the transfer of the information you submit to the Wikimedia Foundation in the United States and elsewhere. The information collected is for internal research purposes only and will not be publicly associated with your real identify or Wikipedia account. However, we may share the results of this survey with the public in anonymized or aggregated forms.**

On a scale of 1 to 7, how useful was this "Research Help" page for you?
Not useful at all
Very useful
To what degree is this information on the "Research Help" page new to you?
I didn't know any of the information before
I knew most of the information already
How likely are you to you recommend the "Research help" page to a ________ ?
1 (Not likely)
2 (Somewhat likely)
3 (Very likely)
Do you think a small link to the "Research Help" page on Wikipedia articles would help Wikipedia readers?
Where on a Wikipedia page, would Wikipedia readers most benefit from a link to the "Research Help" page?
Where are on a Wikipedia page would the link to the "Research help" page be too obtrusive?
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