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As some of you might know, I'm writing a book called "PLANET ME - How to Wake Up & Evolve, When There is No Planet B" (working title). The words and questions below are to stimulate and capture a wide range of views and/or prime you for an interview to come.


Planet Me takes a coaching and systems change perspective to how climate change can be a catalyst to help us do, be and have enough - individually and collectively. We shift perspective from me to we, micro to macro. Anxiety, fear, guilt, denial and burnout are all addressed, with proven paths to compost them into healthy ways of being.

Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the world, with good reason. Never before have people felt so called to heal, serve and wake up.

I helped Mike Berners-Lee write 'There is No Planet B' and it's going great. He appeared on the BBC / David Attenborough special feature "Climate Change - The Facts" recently. Essential, pithy and very entertaining. Every house, school, government, staff room, person needs one. It gives a true synthesis of 'what' needs doing, 'when', by 'who' and 'why'.

Planet Me is a companion to books like Mike's, Paul Hawken's 'Drawdown' and Charles Eisenstein's 'Climate - A New Story'. All about 'how' to respond from our own context.

The book is already filling up with inspiring, practical, poetic and philosophical ways to respond creatively - whatever our sphere or scale of influence. It will be available worldwide next year (2021) in English, with a series planned for different ages, needs and languages (eg. audio, non-English, kids, young adults, film documentary, modern fables).

There will be input and positive examples from everyday people and experts - from 'new generation' coaching, progressive business, environmental science, international development and relations, ecology, indigenous cultures, parenting, politics, media, mindfulness, psychology, physics, activism and grassroots community regeneration. It synthesises a vast body of knowledge, making it accessible and actionable.

A low-carbon  'global regeneration tour' is in progress to harvest inspiring stories from around the world.


Everyone on Earth open to being a small or large part of the solution - while learning to live more fully, with contentment, along the way. Anyone that wants to have and be enough. Especially those already starting to wake up and evolve beyond 'us and them', 'good and bad' into a more sustainable mindset of compassion, reconnection and empowerment.

For private individuals and new generation leaders in government, community, business and civil society - teenagers to elders and every stage in between, around the world. The language and concepts will be inclusive but also challenging at times. First book is for adults. Children's version to follow, with book club, schools and


We get clear about how positive change happens and find clarity in science and wisdom teachings from throughout the ages.  The future will always be uncertain, but we can learn to find peace and resilience. The consequences of our deeper engagement are vast and historic, and will ripple out through generations. Thought, word and deed all matter, and help is at hand.


One of the key themes is hope. Not blind faith, but hope in evidence, in what we see, hear, feel and know to be truth, even if that changes over time.

I'm doing vox pops and interviews as I travel, to get a global range of views. Your's are important to me and I would be pleased to incorporate them. Be honest, start where you are, as best you can. All responses are confidential unless you give permission to share them.

This is not intended as a proper research project, but stimulus for your process, mine and perhaps others. Everyone who's words go in the book with be acknowledged if they wish.


I work internationally as a purpose-led coach, facilitator and activist to support people, organisations and systems to evolve. My background is in stakeholder relations, creativity, social and environmental enterprise, campaigning, education and governance. I am a systems thinker and natural connector, building networks of vitality around core human values. Together, we create tangible ripples of positive change. I call it 'cultural acupuncture' - strategically-, intuitively-placed, compassionate action to release blockage and let natural growth happen. It starts with the possibility of hope, baked fresh like daily bread (sourdough thanks!). As one of four generations of women practising Buddhism and new Christianity, I've learnt that kind awareness and action are essential.

An active Fellow of The RSA. Founded Climate Emergency Coaches. Born and raised in Australia, based in Brighton/London for over a decade, working globally. One of the UK's first facilitators of the UN SDGs Game, (or 'simulation workshop')) inspiring action towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals before 2030.

I believe we must aim for 1.5*C reduction, which will bring about the transformation of society to achieve this. Young people, elders, women and men - all people - have a role to play. This book and follow-on projects help them all be, do and have enough in the face of the most challenging times we have ever faced.

Many thanks

Libby Davy

PS - Please feel free to share this with anyone who's views you think need to be included. All ages, languages and cultures (can use

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