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Wootton AOIT Internship - Getting Started Form
The purpose of this form is to collect information that will help Wootton's AOIT Internship Coordinator guide you in your search for an internship, that will meet the requirements of the AOIT program. This form must be completed individually by all members of the Wootton AOIT Junior Class. This is a graded activity which will count towards your Senior Year, AOIT Internship grade. If you have any questions or concerns about this form, please contact
General Information
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Your Student ID Number *
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Your Preferred Email - NOTE: This e-mail address will be used to distribute information related to open internships, assignments, and other important information related to AOIT. Please submit an e-mail address that you check regularly. *
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Your Parent or Guardian's E-mail Address *
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What AOIT Pathway(s) are you completing? *
Have you completed an internship that meets the requirements of the AOIT program? *For most of you, the answer to this is "No". Only select "Yes" if you have completed a 200 hour IT internship AND documented your time and site information with someone in the Tech Department. *
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