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EVS in CIRIUS Kamnik - 2017/2018
Project "FACE TO FACE: Health included!" is a project promoting healthy lifestyle, connecting to local environment and forming an experience of working with people with special needs.

WHEN: 1.10. 2017 - 1.7. 2018 in KAMNIK, Slovenia in Center for education, rehabilitation and training of phisically handicaped children, youngsters and young adults Kamnik (CIRIUS Kamnik)

WHO: 3 volunteers from Estonia, Portugal and France, aged 18 - 30 years

Volunteers can be a part of different activities:
- accompany young people with special needs to different activities (school classes, therapies, after school activities)
- help youngsters with school work (at school classes and after school time)
- be a part of non-formal group acitivities for youngsters and could create their own workshops and implement them (workshops about health, food, sports, arts and crafts, relationships etc.)
- present their country and culture and promote the project to different groups of people (schools, local people)
- be a part of projects on the level of institution and on international level (volunteers can help with organization of yearly camping event and other traditional activities, they can contribute their own ideas, work with visitors from abroad)
- connect to local environment and organizations: developing cooperation with local actors (common activities, workshops) and promote inclusion
- volunteers will have organized lessons of Slovene language and we will try to include them also to English classes

We expect from volunteers to:
- be prepared to work with people, also with people with special needs (no intimate care, just accompany them)
- be independent, self-initiative, open minded
- communicate openly, can work in a team
- see themselves working on the topics of healthy lifestyle, inclusion, different projects and "face to face" communication

Through the project volunteers will get to know the context of working with people with special needs, learn about different conditions, develop workshops or/and be a part of our own ongoing projects and work in a young and dynamic team of workers (most of them speak English). It is a project that offers an amazing, unique experience in charming town close to the Alps and to the Slovene capital at the same time in which volunteers can gain valuable life lessons and additional skills.

WHERE: Volunteers will live in Kamnik, close to the Centre where they will work, with other volunteers and each will have thei own room in the newly renovated apartment. Expenses for the apartment will be covered, food, insurance and monthly pocket money as well. Also traveling to and out of the country at arrival and departing will be covered till amount defined by the project.

So... If you are "cirious" about making an unforgettable EVS project in the small town of Kamnik, Slovenia, please submit this form and be in our database as a potential volunteer.

Center for education, rehabilitation and training of phisically handicaped children, youngsters and young adults Kamnik (CIRIUS Kamnik) is a public institution with primary school and secondary school programes. We host 200 young people, one third of them stay in the Center during the week (dormitory unit). We offer various opportunities for EVS volunteers on the field of: special needs, pedagogy, adapted sports, healthy lifestyle, creative workshops and we are developing new practises on inclusion in the local environment.

We are planing to start a 9 month project from October 2017 until July 2018. Town Kamnik is known for it's three castles and it's proximity to Alps and wonderful nature and at the same time just 30 minutes away from the capital Ljubljana.

Welcome if you want to be a part of our young and dynamic team, make a difference in other people's lives and live in one of the prettiest parts of Slovenia!

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