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Application Form for HEVI Services
Applications for technical support and training to support generation of pilot data for grant applications, new method optimisation or staff training on EV isolation and characterisation.

By applying for this service(s) I agree to acknowledge the HEVI for its input in the form of an authorship/acknowledgement in the event of a publication or a collaboration if appropriate. A Memorandum of Understanding will be signed prior to any research work being undertaken.
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Brief summary of the science.
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Please explain the basic design of your study in terms of sample types, techniques to be optimised or performed.
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Resource expectation from the HEVI in terms of staff time needed *
How long do you anticipate the need of HEVI staff time? Please estimate hours/per week needed to complete the task.
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Resource Expectation from the HEVI in terms of Pilot reagents required for proposed work *
what reagents/ equipment will you need us to provide for the proposed work? please write a brief description
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Expected outputs *
For example, seeding a Marsden Grant application, training of technical staff in your research group, optimisation of a new method applicable for all EV researchers, writing a manuscript for publication.
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