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Registering Interest in the Leadership Dojo 2017 CEO Accelerator Programme
The Leadership Dojo is a special leadership accelerator created specifically to cater for high potential CEOs. Many CEOs struggle to grow and scale their businesses at some stage in their leadership journey. This special programme provides CEOs with resources, support, coaching, mentoring and a host of other special programmes (including an Action Lab run specifically for your individual organisation). This programme has been designed on the 4 constraints theory developed by Roshan Thiran (refer to article on STAR Wars and the 4 constraints theory:

Many organisations in Malaysia have the potential to become global organisations - organisations that could possibly be the Apple, Google and Microsoft of the future. We believe these Malaysian organisations have the potential to grow into global giants. As such, this accelerator for the CEOs has been specifically designed to propel CEOs and their leadership capability to the next level. The Leadership Dojo is a special 8 months programme designed to help these CEOs grow their personal leadership, scale their organisations, build networks with global leaders, learn from top thought leaders from top business schools and network with the cream of leaders both in Malaysia and globally. Dojo is a Japanese term to describe a special training centre where a person is push to translate their potential into performance. The Leadership Dojo programme has elements of teaching sessions from Ivy League and top global schools, practical insights from CEOs and top business leaders, action-labs that enable these leaders to quickly practice their insights in their organisations and networking sessions which will enable them to grow their personal influence and organisational reach. CEOs will also be given a personal executive coach who will help them through deep reflection, feedback and performance improvements. The Leadership Dojo programme kicks of in June 2017 with a launch and a mentorship introduction followed by monthly learning and networking sessions. The Programme manager for this exclusive programme is Roshan Thiran, CEO of Leaderonomics together with culture and leadership expert, Joseph Tan.

As a key part of this programme will be networking sessions, we have a series of fire-side chats with prominent Malaysian leaders including Tan Sri Liew Kee Sing, chairman of EcoWorld and former CEO of SP Setia. He and other prominent leaders, will spend time in smaller group sessions with the participants and to mentor these participants. There will also be a mentorship programme where these high-potential CEOs will be mentored by captains of the industry in Malaysia.

The past mentors (2016) for this session included the following :
• Prakash Chandran – CEO of Siemens Malaysia
• Ashwin Rajgopal – COO Valiram Group
• Lee Lung Nien – CEO of Citibank Malaysia
• Janet Yap – CEO of Accenture Malaysia
• Seelan Paul - CEO Media Prima Radio
• Joel Kornreich – CEO, Alliance Bank
• Zainal Abidin Jalil – CEO Dnex
• Dato’ Izzaddin Idris – CEO of UEM Group
• Dato’ Yasmin – CEO of MDEC
• Dato Syed Mohamad – former CEO of IIB
• Calvin Kan – COO STAR Media Group
• Sridaharan Nair – MD/GM of PWC
• Bas DeJonge – CEO/GMD of Quintiq
• Lee Jui Siang – CEO of Samsung

If you are keen to be part of the 2017 Leadership Dojo CEO accelerator programme, please register your interest below and we will connect with you shortly to process your application for this programme. Fees for this programme is RM32,000 for the entire programme (all inclusive)

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