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Clark Historic Farm Scholarship Application
Clark Historic Farm is pleased to provide two $250 scholarships for two 2019 graduates of Grantsville High School who (1) have worked hard to overcome challenges, (2) will be pursuing post-high school education, and (3) have volunteered at the farm. Recipients will be selected based on volunteer service, essay questions, and academics/leadership/involvement. Awards can be used for books, tuition or class fees at any accredited college or trade school. Application deadline: May 10th, midnight.

Background: The Clark Farm represents the hard work and success of owners of the farm, including James McBride, Charles Anderson and J. Reuben Clark, Jr. and their families. James McBride, founder of Grantsville, toiled to establish the town in 1850, planting orchards and crops on the farm. Charles Anderson, 1862 Swedish immigrant, came with nothing but worked hard to build sheep and mining businesses, and eventually bought the farm from McBride. He built the barns that still stand today. J. Reuben Clark, Jr. learned to work very hard as he grew up on a nearby Grantsville farm. Despite limited schooling circumstances, he loved learning and pursued educational opportunities. He worked hard to become an internationally-respected U.S. government official and church leader. Because of his love of Grantsville, he purchased the farm from the Andersons in 1914, and later purchased and restored the old adobe school house, now the Donner Reed Museum.

These gentlemen and their families saw past limitations, loved and helped build Grantsville, and worked very hard toward goals. These values form the basis of the Clark Historic Farm Scholarship. and we wish to help two ambitious students pursue further education and continue to contribute to their families and community.

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