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Rocks and Minerals Test
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1. Rocks are made of _____ *
2. Which type of rock forms when hot lava cools? *
3. Any kind of rock can change into a metamorphic rock. What causes the rock to change? *
4. Sedimentary rocks form when _____ . *
5. Igneous rocks form when _____ . *
6. What is the rock cycle? *
7. Which group of properties would best help identify a mineral? *
8. Calcite breaks with smooth, flat surfaces. This means calcite breaks with _____ . *
Use this picture for number 9
9. What property is the student testing in this picture? *
Use this picture for number 10
10. How would you describe this mineral's luster? *
11. When geologists identify minerals, they sometimes look at streak rather than color. Which of the following sentences is true? *
Use this chart to help you with question 12 and 13
12. You used three tools to test minerals for hardness: your fingernail, an aluminum nail, and a steel nail. If a mineral can be scratched by an aluminum nail, _____ . *
13. A student was testing a mineral for hardness. He found that his fingernail did not scratch it. An aluminum nail did not scratch it. A steel nail did scratch it. Which mineral could the student be testing? *
Use this chart for number 14 and 15
14. A student found a black mineral. It was metallic, made a brown streak, and fractured when broken. An aluminum nail did not scratch it, but a steel nail did. What mineral could this be? *
15. Goldie was searching for gold nuggets in the river. She couldn't believe it, there in the water she saw a glittery, golden nugget! How can Goldie tell if the mineral she found was gold or pyrite? *
16. Which properties would be most helpful to tell if a mineral is quartz or calcite? *
check two answers
17. Slate is made when heat and pressure deep in the earth change the rock shale into slate. What kind of a rock is slate? *
18. Basalt is made when lava flows from cracks in the earth and harden into basalt. What kind of rock is basalt? *
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