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Histon Repair Cafe - Booking Form


You have something broken - we hope we can fix it, or better still teach you how to fix it yourself!

Before we go on, please take a look at our Repair Café agreement setting out what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you at the Repair Cafe. We will need you to sign this when you arrive at the Repair Cafe.

If you are happy to sign the agreement, then please fill in the form below.

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What is the item called? (e.g. Blender, Bicycle... only one item per form please. You can fill in another form for a second item - repairers will look at it if they have time, but we usually only allocate one timeslot per person). *
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What make or model is it? (e.g. Kenwood Chef KM331)
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Please describe the problem or fault with the item as completely as you can - how to demonstrate the problem and details of how you might have already tried to fix it are also valuable! *
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Is there anything else you think we should know? (e.g. have you already obtained a spare part you can bring with you?)
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