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Come To Valle Application Form!
So you want to come to Valle eh.... Great because we'd love to have you!
This application is short and simple so please fill it out and show us what you got.

Hint: Please read the questions and instructions carefully ;)

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Your Email *
We'll use this email address to contact you.
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Skype ID *
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Earliest Possible Start Date *
That you can be here in Mexico.
2 Minute YouTube Video
Please shoot us a quick 2 minute YouTube video addressing the following questions:

1 - Please tell us a little about your online background.
2 - Why do you want the job?
3 - Why do you think you would be a good fit?
4 - Explain any previous projects you’ve worked on that may have some relevant experience.

You can post your video on Youtube as “unlisted,” and enter the URL into the form below.

YouTube Video Link *
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Phew, that was the big part! Now just a few more questions...
Please include the word Cafe as the first word in response to question 3 so we can filter out people that don't pay close attention to detail.
1 - How Good Are You With Wordpress? *
2 - What’s Your Experience With SEO? *
3 - Online Income *
How much money do you currently make online, and from where. You can include past income also if you like but please state that it's past income and not present income.
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4 - Hobbies & Interests *
What do you like to do with yourself that's unrelated to work?
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5 - Hablas español? *
Do you speak Spanish at all?
6 - Where Are You Coming From? *
You'll be flying into Mexico City.
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7 - How Long Can You Stay In Mexico For? *
Assuming we're a match made in heaven and you want to stay.
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Examples of Previous Projects / Accomplishments
Please include any examples of previous work you would like to share with us. This can be absolutely anything at all and not limited to only work stuff. You can describe it, post links or whatever you like to get the point across.
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Your Blog / Social Media Account
Would you like to link to your blog or social media accounts or anything else you want to share with us? If so please make sure the account is set to “Open” or equivalent so we can view it.
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Questions, Comments or Concerns?
Ask us anything you like. We'll respond to all valid questions that have not already been answered.
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