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RUSS self-build community hub volunteer questionnaire
Hello! Thanks for your interest in the RUSS self-build community hub project,.

We are very excited to have achieved planning permission in June 2018. The next few months will be spent on design and construction planning activities before we get building. We need help during both the pre-build phase (now) and the building phase (later this year).

The survey below will help us get a more accurate idea of what aspects of the project interest you the most, what you would like to participate in, learn about, and how much time and / or skills you can or want to offer - you won't be held to any of this of course, but it will help us with planning some of the events and tasks.

Please note any of the information we collect on this form will only be available to the RUSS community hub team who will use your data to better understand how we organise the project. We will add your email to the RUSS community hub project volunteer mailing list and we will use this to keep you informed about the project. Your data will never be shared with other organisations and it can be deleted at any point upon request.

Thanks for your time, and we hope you can get involved with the project!

Email address *
Church Grove site
Name *
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Telephone (optional)
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How did you hear about the community hub project / get involved? *
Which part of the project are you interested in helping with? (you can chose both)
If you chose the pre-build stage, which aspects of the project are you interested in getting involved in (you can choose more than one)? *
If you'd like to get involved with the building phase, please tick any skills or experience you have from the list below
Basic DIY
Experienced DIY
Qualified / professional
Plastering / dry lining
Roofing / guttering
Use of mini digger / excavator
Green roofs
Landscaping / biodiversity
Strawbale building
Cob building
Construction Health & Safety
First aid
Do you have any other experience you think could be helpful / relevant that's not listed above - please tell us about it!
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Do you have a vehicle and are you happy to help with picking up materials etc?
How much time do you have every week to help on the project? (You won't be held to this but it will help us with gauging how much capacity we have overall as a group)
Which days / times are generally NOT GOOD for you to help out? Again you won't be held to this but it will help with planning the best times for most people to attend group meetings, schedule build events etc.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? We're really open to hearing about other experience you may have, ideas, suggestions or just hearing about interesting things you are involved with!
Your answer
What happens next?
Many thanks for filling our survey. If you selected helping in the pre-build stage we'll be in touch shortly via email. If you selected helping out in the building phase, we'll add you to our mailing list and you'll receive updates from the project. When we're ready to build we'll let you know how you can get involved with the build phase.
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