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EIBA National Competitions Programme Review
We are always looking for new ways to improve and enhance our national competition programme and your feedback and opinions are a vital part of this process. Please take the opportunity to answer as many questions as you can to help shape the future of our national competitions. 

All results of this review will be considered for our 2025/26 national finals programme. Our 2024/25 programme will not be affected by this review. 
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Section 1: Let's find out a little more about you...
In this section we would like to find out a little bit more about you and the landscape of our national competitions. 
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Which of these statements would you say best describes you? *
Section 2: National Competitions - Why do you enter? 
In this section we would like to find out more information around why our members enter our national competitions - what are your goals? If you do not enter national competitions we would still value your input. Where questions ask for specific national competition information that you may not be able to provide as a non-competitor, please select 'I do not currently enter national competitions'. 
Why do you enter EIBA National Competitions? (please select all that apply) *
Are there any barriers to you entering national competitions either now or in the future? (please select all that apply) *
What changes could we make encourage you to enter national competitions if you don't currently, or to encourage to enter more competitions than you do currently? (please select all that apply)  *
Section 3: Competitions, Formats, Rules and Regulations
In this section we would like to discover what you think of our current formats, rules and regulations of our national competitions and what we could do to ensure our national competitions programme is inviting, diverse and inclusive.
We currently have over 40 national competitions on offer. Please select all the national competitions that you currently enter/participate in.  *
Currently, our individual national competitions are played over 18 ends or 3.5 hours. 

Please select one of the following statements:
Currently, our team national competitions (Denny, Yetton, Egham, Liberty and Atherley etc.) are played over 21 ends and 4 hours. 

Please select one of the following statements:
At present, only the Open Pairs, U18 and U25 Singles are played using re-spots. This means the end cannot be killed and the jack is placed back on the re-spot position. 

Please select one of the following statements:
Last season we introduced two new competitions - the Novice Singles and Open Pairs. Would you like to see more new competitions introduced with different formats?  *
If you answered 'I think the format of some current competitions could be adjusted rather than creating new competitions', please provide more information here:
Our Open Pairs competition has been very popular this year, but we have received some feedback regarding the current format. 

Please select one of the following statements:
We currently have a wide range of age-related competitions, particularly for those aged 50 or above. At present we offer 060's Singles, 060's Pairs, 050's Triples and Over 60's Fours (men only). Do you think these age brackets are suitable for our current bowling landscape?  *
For those aged 30 or under we have a mix of U18's County Double Rink, U25's County Double Rink and U30's Club Double Triples, as well as U18's and U25's Singles. Do you think this is an appropriate mix of opportunities for our younger bowlers?  *
Currently our Denny Cup and Yetton Trophy are run on a knock-out basis, with losers of the first round being entered into their respective plate competitions. 

We have been looking at the logistics and pros/cons of running these competitions in a league format. This would mean each club would play every club in their area/zone on a round-robin basis with points awarded for winning rinks and overall scores. The winners of each area would then progress to the last-16 knockout stage of the Denny Cup/Yetton Trophy and the runners up into the Denny and Yetton Plate last-16 knockout stage. 

This would mean a guaranteed minimum number of games for each club and therefore increased and guaranteed revenue for those clubs who may loose in the early stages with the current format. Those clubs who are regularly successful in these competitions would not be playing any more games than in the current format. 

Please select one of the following statements: 
Section 4: National Finals
This section is about our national finals events. We have a range of national final events staged across the country culminating in our three-week event at Nottingham in March and April each year. We would like your views on these events on things such as organisation, prize money, travel expenses, badges and presentations and how the event is hosted. 
Which of the following statements best describes you?  *
We currently hand out travel expenses to all competitors that have travelled over 120 miles to any national finals event which costs the association a lot of money each year. In some cases this equates to a very small amount of money being given to each competitor. Do you believe this is an essential part of our national finals programme?  *
At present we hand out national final badges to all competitors that qualify for national finals events. Each year we have lots of badges that are left on tables or in the changing rooms and at the end of the rinks. Again, these badges cost the association lots of money each year. Would you like us to continue to provide qualification badges each year for national finals?  *
For all team national competition finals, such as, Denny, Yetton, Liberty, Atherley and Egham etc, we hand out individual winners and runners up badges. Do you think these are an essential part of our national finals experience?  *
Each year produce and print a programme for all our national finals events. We took the decision a few years ago to print these in-house to save on costs. Now we are looking at the viability of an event programme all together. All of our competition draws, results and live scoring are available 24/7 through our competition portal.

Please select one of the following statements:
Based on the previous questions, if we were to reinvest the money currently spent on travel expenses, badges and programmes, where would you like to see this money spent? (please select all that apply) *
Over the last five years we have made many improvements to our national finals events. One dilemma we are always faced with is the constant call for live streaming to be introduced at our national finals events, which we have introduced through EIBA TV this year. However, alongside the call for live streaming is the call from players at our national finals events for bigger audiences and more support at the event. How can we improve the footfall at our national finals event whilst still providing the opportunity to watch at home via live streaming?  *
We provide branded and engraved glassware for all national final winners and runners up. Other sports have moved to medals in place of trophies or glassware. What would like to to see presented to national champions and runners up by the EIBA in the future?  *
Alongside the glassware that we currently present to our national final winners and runners-up, we also have our perpetual trophies which are engraved each year. Players have the option of taking these trophies home with them and returning them the following season. Currently most of these trophies are taken back to EIBA HQ following the championships and placed in storage for 12 months.

Please select one of the following statements:
Thank you for submitting our EIBA Competitions Review. 
Your opinion and contnued support is a vital part of our development of indoor Bowls. We are continually looking at new ways to ensure that indoor Bowls is, and remains 'a sport for all'.
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