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2019 WSN Tandem Course Scholarship Application
The Women's Skydiving Network is proud to offer scholarships to motivated women skydivers to cover portions of the Tandem Instructor Rating courses with in 2019. Please fill out the form below for consideration, and if you're not already in touch with Angie, contact Angie at to coordinate your course.
Full Name *
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How did you learn about this scholarship opportunity?
Location of interest *
Which scholarship would you like to be considered for? *
Years in Sport *
Number of Jumps *
Tunnel Time (hours)
Home Dropzone(s)
Please list your skydiving work experience, including ratings, events, coaching, rigging, packing, etc.
Please describe your skydiving accomplishments including licenses, ratings, teams, records, etc.
Please list three skydiving references (name, email address, and phone number). Preferably someone in a position of leadership. This is an advanced rating, we will ask your references to give us their opinion on whether they believe you would be a good candidate. We are looking for a reputable opinion about flight skills, landing skills, willingness to take instruction, and openness to feedback and criticism. A tandem rating leans highly on each individuals decision making skills during times of high and low stress. Your references should have enough skydiving experience and knowledge of your character to be able to give us an opinion.
Why do you want to become a tandem instructor?
Do you have a mentorship network? Tell us about your skydiving mentor and give an impressionable learning experience you had with him/her.
What are your short and long term goals in skydiving? Where do you plan to use your rating?
Tell us about your canopy piloting skills. What size canopy do you fly. Do you feel confident landing on target and in all wind conditions?
How would a scholarship from the WSLN help you with your skydiving goals?
Do you meet all the Candidate Requirements? *
Prior to the course you will need to complete the following, please acknowledge these assignments: *
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