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Confused at where to start? Need some expert guidance? Struggling to see results when it comes to your health and fitness game? Answer these few questions so I can get to know a little bit more about you and where you’re at and I’ll get started on your roadmap to success! Your responses are 500% safe, secure and private information that will not be shared with anyone.
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Do you eat breakfast typically?
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How many meals do you eat each day?
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What time of day do you experience a drop in energy ?
If you workout, how many days per week and what do you do?
When do you feel cravings and for what?
Do you ever feel weak, fatigued or sluggish?
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Which areas of your Health do you struggle with? *
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Which Body Type depicts you the MOST right now (ZERO JUDGEMENT HERE).* This helps me decide what your starting point is with body fat percentage. You may choose 2 photos if necessary.
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Tell me what specific results you want and Why? fitness, health and/or and weight loss goals: What do you WANT to see? What do you WANT to feel over the next couple of 3-6 months?
Why are you willing to invest into your health and well-being now? *
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