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Teacher Questionnaire on the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Your school is participating in the Erasmus+ Programme: "21st Century European Classroom: meeting the challenge of the digital era with innovation and creativity".

This questionnaire is about Digital Literacy and use of ICT by teachers in each school partner (mainly focused on the frequency, quality and diversity of ICT use in teaching and learning).

Read and answer each question carefully and ask for help if you do not understand something or are not sure how to respond. Answering this questionnaire should require you about 15 minutes.

All responses are anonymous and are treated in strict confidence.

Thank you very much for your collaboration. Your input is really important for our study.
Personal background information
1. Age: *
2. Gender: *
3. Subject(s)/Area: *
3. Subject(s)/Area: *
4. Average number of students per class: *
5. Teaching hours per week: *
6. Including this school year, how long have you been teaching (at any school)? *
7. How is ICT taught to classes in your school? *
ICT is taught as a separate subject
ICT is integrated in my subject because I choose to do so
ICT is integrated in my subject because of curriculum requirements
ICT is integrated in several subjects
Experience with ICT for teaching
8. Do you use computers and/or the internet for the following activities? *
Preparing lessons
Class teaching in front of/with the students
[If the answer to both items or at least the second one is ‘NO’, go to question 21]
9. For how many years have you been using computers and/or the internet at any school?
Clear selection
10. How often do you use computers and/or the internet in your classes?
Clear selection
ICT access for teaching
11 . When you use computers and/or Internet during class teaching in front of the students, which equipment is available?
all the time
Students are equipped with computers and/or Internet
Only the teacher uses a computer and/or Internet
Both, teacher and students, use computers and/or Internet
Clear selection
12. Which conditions do you have access in your classes?
Desktop computer without internet access
Desktop computer with internet access
Non-internet-connected laptop, tablet PC, netbook or notebook computer
Internet-connected laptop, tablet PC, netbook or notebook computer
E-reader (a device to read books and newspapers on screen)
Mobile phone provided by the school
Interactive whiteboard
Digital camera or camcorder
Computer laboratory
Student response system (e.g., ActiVote, ActivExpression or other)
Clear selection
13. Does your school provide teachers with laptops (or tablet PC, desktop computers, netbooks, notebooks) for their own use?
Clear selection
14. Does your school provide students with laptops (or tablet PC, desktop computers, netbooks, notebooks) for their own use?
Clear selection
15. Are the students allowed to use the personally owned devices listed below at school for learning?
Laptop, tablet, netbook, notebook
Mobile or Smartphone
Clear selection
Support to teachers for ICT use
16. Is participation in ICT training compulsory for teachers in your school?
Clear selection
17. Have you ever undertaken professional development in the following areas?
Introductory courses on internet use and general applications (basic word-processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, etc.
Advanced courses on applications (advanced word-processing, complex relational databases, Virtual Learning Environment, etc.)
Advanced courses on internet use (creating websites/home page, video conferencing, etc.)
Equipment-specific training (interactive whiteboard, laptop, tablet, etc.)
Courses on the pedagogical use of ICT in teaching and learning
Subject-specific training on learning applications (tutorials, simulations, etc.)
Course on multimedia (using digital video, audio equipment, etc.)
Participate in online communities (e.g., mailing lists, groups, blogs) for professional discussions with other teachers
ICT training provided by school staff Personal learning about ICT in your own time
Other professional development opportunities related to ICT
Clear selection
18. Who provides the ICT support at your school?
You can choose one or more options.
ICT based activities and material used for teaching
19. How often do you do the following activities?
All the time
Browse/search the internet to collect information to prepare lessons
Browse/search the internet to collect resources to be used during lessons
Use applications to prepare presentations for lessons
Create your own digital learning materials for students
Prepare exercises and tasks for students
Post home work for students on the school website
Use ICT to provide feedback and/or assess students’ learning
Evaluate digital learning resources in the subject(s) you teach
Communicate online with parents
Download/upload/browse material from the school’s website
Download/upload/browse material from a learning platform
Look for online professional development opportunities
Clear selection
20. Which of the following types of materials have you used when teaching your classes with the aid of a computer and/or the Internet?
Material that you’ve searched the Internet for
Existing online material from established educational sources
Material that is available on the school’s computer network or database
Electronic offline material (e.g., CD-ROM)
Material of your own creation
Clear selection
Obstacles to the use of ICT in teaching and learning
21. Is the use of ICT in teaching and learning adversely affected by the following? *
Not at all
A little
A lot
Insufficient number of computers
Insufficient number of internet-connected computers
Insufficient Internet bandwidth or speed
Insufficient number of interactive whiteboards
Insufficient number of laptops/notebooks
School computers out of date and/or needing repair
Lack of adequate skills of teachers
Insufficient technical support for teachers
Insufficient pedagogical support for teachers
Lack of adequate content/material for teaching
Lack of content in national language
Too difficult to integrate ICT use into the curriculum
Lack of pedagogical models on how to use ICT for learning
School time organisation (fixed lesson time, etc.)
School space organisation (classroom size and furniture, etc)
Pressure to prepare students for exams and tests
Most parents not in favour of the use of ICT at school
Most teachers not in favour of the use of ICT at school
Lack of interest of teachers
No or unclear benefit to use ICT for teaching
Using ICT in teaching and learning not being a goal in our school
Teachers skills
22. To what extent are you confident in the following? *
A little
A lot
Produce a text using a word processing programme
Use emails to communicate with others
Capture and edit digital photos, movies or other images
Edit text online containing internet links and images
Create a database
Create and/or edit a questionnaire online
Email a file to someone
Organise computer files in folders and subfolders
Use a spreadsheet (e.g., Excel)
Use a spreadsheet to plot a graph
Create a presentation with simple animation functions
Create a presentation with video or audio clips
Participate in a discussion forum on the internet
Create and maintain blogs or web sites
Participate in social networks
Download and install software on a computer
Download or upload curriculum resources from/to websites or learning platforms for students to use
Teach students how to behave safely online
Teach students how to behave ethically online
Prepare materials to use with an interactive whiteboard
Use a Student Response System (e.g., ActiVote, ActivExpression or other)