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Ever wondered what kind of gamer you are? Are there similarities between different aspects when it comes to gaming? My name is Ilona Iske and I'm a second year Animation Student at the Willem de Kooning Academy at Rotterdam. For my practice Data Design I want to make a visualization about the types of gamers. I want to ask you to fill in this survey and include a picture of your gaming desk (more info in the survey itself) This whole survey will be anonymous and the results will only be used within the school. Thanks a lot in advance!
What's your gender?
What's your age?
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In which country do you live?
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What are your three most played games on steam? + Hours played. For example: 1. Team Fortress 2 - 300 Hours, 2. Bioshock - 40 Hours, 3. Age of Empires 2 - 34 Hours. (if you don't have Steam please just give your top 3 most played/favorite games)
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What is your occupation? (Student, Worker, no job etc.)
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Do you have any psychical or emotional problems/diseases? (Autism, ADHD, Kidney Problems etc)
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Where is your gaming PC/Laptop located?
How important is gaming for you?
Not Important at all
Very Important
Do you own any other gaming consoles besides a PC?
What is your home situation like?
Do you have children?
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