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AFPL Innovation Survey
Which of the following describes you?
What is your age range?
What are your hobbies/interests and what could AFPL provide to help you pursue these?
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When you come to the Library, what is your primary use for technology?
When using technology, particularly new technology provided by the Library, which do you value most?
Which of the following best describes you?
Which do you prefer?
Which of the following devices do you currently use or plan on purchasing? Check all that apply:
Which of the following are you interested in learning more about? Check all that apply:
Are you interested in being able to do any of the following at the Library? Check all that apply:
Are you aware that we loan out Roku streaming devices, blu-ray players, and wireless hotspots?
Is there any other loanable technology or innovation that you would find useful?
Your answer
Are you interested in checking out non-traditional items from the Library if offered? Check all that apply:
Is there a technology or innovative service that the Library should acquire/offer that we currently are not?
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When introducing new technology, how should the Library present it to the public? Check all that apply:
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