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Staten Island Interfaith & Community Long Term Recovery Organization Membership Application
The Staten Island Interfaith & Community Long Term Recovery Organization (SILTRO) is a coalition of organizations on Staten Island committed to effective communication and collaboration in the event of a natural or man-made disaster with a serious impact on residents in our borough.

Memberships Criteria:
* An organization serving resident of Staten Island, willing to collaboratively assist the needs of impacted residents in the short and long -term recovery phase and to serve as a vehicle for disaster preparedness.
* Designates a representative who will attend the LTRO annual meeting , serve on a committee if the SILTRO is activated to response to a disaster , and who will send timely responses to drills and situation report requests.
* Abides by National VOAD Points of Consensus.
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Benefits of Memberships:
* Access to resources and training on effective preparedness and long -term recovery collaboration.
* One vote per member organization at the LTRO annual meeting.
* Participation in communication chains with other non-profit and government partners in involved in disaster response.
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By signing below, I confirm that my organization desires to serve as a member organization of the SILTRO  and will carry out the responsibilities as outlined in the membership criteria category above.
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