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New member registration SWESPEN
SWESPEN membership is open for everybody and needs to be renewed every year (from January). Yearly membership costs 900 SEK and needs to be paid before January 1st. New membership fees are 900SEK year round. If you are younger then 35 years or older then 65 years you can sign up for junior respectively senior membership. The fee for these are 400 SEK. To be eligible for these a copy/scan of your passport need to be mailed to

Membership benefits are:

- automatic membership in ESPEN (
- subscription for CLINICAL NUTRITION; the official journal of ESPEN.
- reduced rtegistration fees for ESPEN's annual meeting
- possibilities for research fellowship or travel fellowships for the annual ESPEN meeting
- continuous updates updates on guidelines and activities related to clinical nutrition

New members need to fill out the form below and pay the membership fee into bank-giro 392-5716 OR with Swish to number 1234955811. Please give name and email address with payment.

For any inquiries please mail.
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