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Call for Applications AAPI Country Coordinators 2019-2021
This form is meant to receive applications from prospective AAPI Country Coordinators.
About AAPI
The African Artists Peace Initiative (AAPI) is a Pan-African movement of artists and peace-makers, championing a culture of peace and non-violence in Africa. The overarching objective is to use ''The ARTS'' as a weapon and tool for nurturing a culture of peace based on values, attitude, and ways of life conducive to the promotion of peace among individuals, groups and society.
The movement is inspired by the AU Constitutive Act, AU Year of Peace and Make Peace Happen Campaign, AU 2063 Agenda and the UNESCO Culture of Peace and Non-Violence Campaign. As our societies become increasingly multicultural, we need an alternative vision of what it means to coexist, interact, and learn in community with each other. The AAPI movement seeks to bring to fruition a future that celebrates the plenitude and diversity of the African cultures and unity.
Africans’ arts and culture can be introduced to the world without colouring their perceptions with old conflicts and AAPI will mobilize a creative civil society sector engaged in qualitative practice in the arts in their own right, as well as in a manner that contributes to propagating peace, development, human rights, democracy, and to the eradication of poverty on the African continent.
Having identified the power in the various disciplines of the arts and the global outreach that has been possible through music, dance, theatre etc., AAPI seeks to leverage on that power to establish and cement peace in everyday life in Africa, and for Africans.
Aims and Objectives of AAPI
a) To mobilize a massive movement of artists involved in peace building across Africa.
b) To create a platform in which visual and performing artists can unite their artistic abilities and advocate creatively for non-violent conflict resolution by engaging with each other and their audiences, especially young people in conflict, post-conflict and fragile states.
c) To promote peace and reject intolerance and anti - peace mentality in consonance with the AU Constitutive Act, AU Year of Peace and Make Peace Happen Campaign, AU 2063 Agenda and the UNESCO Culture of Peace and Non-Violence Campaign.
d) To foster intercultural/youth exchange activities across the continent.
e) Champion African art as an educational and outreach force for the attainment of the AU 2063 agenda.
a) Must not only belong to an organization championing peace but also be in a decision making position.
b) Proven record of working with artists and individuals or groups to promote peace
c) Must have at least one artistic skill (writer, actor, musician et cetera)
d) Be familiar with use of Arts to promote peace
e) Must possess programme management skills
f) Familiarity with the AU processes and campaigns especially those on Youth and Peace including Agenda 2063.
g) Must be flexible, with independent thinking skills
h) Personify professional behaviour at all times
i) Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills
j) Be proactive.
About the role
a) It is voluntary (There’s no remuneration)
b) 3 year term renewable subject to performance

Responsibilities and Functions of AAPI Country Coordinators
The Country Coordinators will implement the various programme activities of AAPI which include but not limited to;
a) Develop a framework to promote peace through the arts in your country and region based on the tools and content of the AAPI.
b) Participate in all AAPI activities.
c) Sensitize media and Civil Society Organisations in your countries and regions about AAPI and promote the culture of peace through arts for society.
d) Updating and sharing news on media (articles, blogs, social media, etc.) about the creative expression of AAPI.
e) Coordinate and monitor all activities and projects of AAPI in your country
f) Recruit artists, creative personalities and celebrities in your country as members of AAPI and maintain a data base for communications.
g) Mobilize and remind country members of upcoming AAPI programmes/activities at the country level.
h) Shall be the chief spokesperson for AAPI at the national level.
i) Represent AAPI in national and regional meetings.
j) Ensure liaison between AAPI and national governments and partners.
k) Fundraise locally for AAPI country projects and initiatives.
l) Receive honorarium and project coordination fee based on funded projects by partners.
m) Carryout any other duties assigned by AAPI Action Team and Secretariat.
Application process
If you meet the above qualifications please fill the application form below. Please note that you will be required to upload your CV and motivation letter by 28th February 2019.

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