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NLRP Gang and Mafia Registration
In order to start a recognized gang or mafia in the state of San Andreas you must Complete the following form.
Requirements to be met:
1. Be of 14 years of age or older
2. Create a discord to run your gang/mafia through
3. Have a minimum two (2) page SOP or similar document, the page minimum does not include a cover page.
4. Have a roster created.
-This will be sent to the Owner of NLRP for review.
5. A minimum of four (4) people already in your gang/mafia
-This will be verified on the discord.
If accepted as a Recognized gang/mafia you must:
1. Give the owner of NLRP the administrator role in your gangs discord.
2. Continue to follow all established rules.
3. Follow any and all guidance from the staff team.
Discord Name (medicwalf#0699) *
Steam name (if different from discord)
How long have you been in the community? *
Gang/Mafia Leaders Name *
Gang/Mafia Group Name *
How did this gang/mafia start? *
Tell me the history of your gang, its beginnings, why it started, and where you are at now? (Minimum of 100 words)
What does your gang specialize in? *
Does your gang specialize in the sale of weapons? Does your gang specialize in protection? What about Drug sales?
What does the future of your gang look like? *
How will your gang grow and progress? How will you deal with rival gangs? (25 Word Minimum)
Will your gang do peaceful RP's as well as violent RP's? How often will the RP be violent? *
Do you agree to follow all of the rules set forth by NLRP? *
Do you agree to provide the owner of NLRP Administrator permission in your discord? *
Do you agree to send the gang policy/SOP with in 24 hours of submitting this registry request? *
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