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Vanderbilt A&S Graduate Student Carrel Feedback
The purpose of this survey is to gather information from A&S graduate students regarding use, value and proposed transition of the graduate student carrels in Buttrick Hall. This survey is a collaborative A&S graduate student initiative with the goal of presenting accurate, useful data to the deans as part of the decision making process. Your response is greatly appreciated.
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In which department are you? *
What is your year of study? *
Are you currently:
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About how often do you use the Buttrick graduate student carrel area? *
On an average day that you use the Buttrick carrel space, what is the average amount of time you spend in the carrels? *
To what extent are the following elements of the graduate carrel space important to you? *
Extremely important
Very important
Somewhat important
Not so important
Not at all important
Not applicable
Quiet space to work without too much traffic
Easily move from individual research to meeting with undergraduate students in private space
Academic productivity
Private, FERPA-compliant spaces for TA/instructor meeting with undergraduate students
Easily move from individual research to collaboration with other graduate students
Dedicated space for collaboration with other graduate students
24hr access to space
Print, scan, and copy services at no extra cost
Easy access to kitchen and lounge for meals and meetings
Desktop computer access
Electrical outlets at each desk
Reasonably comfortable chairs that allow for extended work time
Locking compartment on each carrel
Cardlock access for graduate students only after hours
Workspace not shared with the public during days
Workspace not shared with undergraduate students
One single room - makes it easy to know who else is present (when a graduate student is working alone at night for example)
Space as social locus for graduate student community
Natural sunlight
Reasonably comfortable and professional work space
Support and solidarity among graduate student community
Sense of being a part of the Vanderbilt graduate student community
Sense of being "at home" in the Vanderbilt community
Friendship with graduate students in different departments and disciplines
Is there another space on campus that offers you the services, access, and value that the Buttrick carrels do?
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If the graduate student carrel were to move to the central library, as the library space currently is, how would this impact your graduate student experience? (academic life, TA/instructor responsibilities, accessibility, connection/collaboration with other students, mental health, etc.) *
Would you prefer to keep the graduate student carrels in Buttrick or move to the Central Library as the library space currently is? *
If there were another graduate student carrel space that provided at least the same services, access, value to you as the current one would you be interested in moving to that space? *
One of the reasons cited for the proposed move out of Buttrick is the lack of space for everyone to have a carrel. Are you open to collaboration with other graduate students to manage carrel use and assignment (communication to see who is using their reserved carrel, who may not be on campus a given semester or academic year, sharing carrels among colleagues etc) to ensure access by all graduate students who desire to use the space? *
Are there any other thoughts or insights you would like to share on this issue? Additionally, if you would like to be in touch with us feel free to leave your email address.
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