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2016-17 Online Athletic Parent Meeting
Please complete the following questions and then submit. Completion of the questions will provide evidence of your understanding and knowledge of the LHS Athletic Policy. If you should fail to answer too many of the questions incorrectly, you will be notified to review the presentation again and retake the quiz.
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Student(s) First Name *
Please list first name of all high school student-athletes in your family.
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1. The athletic attendance policy requires that a student must be in school the whole day to practice or compete. *
2. I am aware that there are inherent dangers when participating in sports and athletics is a voluntary program in which students participate at their own risk. *
3. Lowell Area Schools does not assume financial responsibility for medical, hospital, or ambulance expenses incurred because of athletic injuries. The school does provide information from First Agency for parents to purchase insurance. *
4. Students are allowed to drive themselves or ride with other students to/from contests. *
5. The travel policy allows for parents other than the student's own to transport them home from a competition. *
6. Student-athletes are bound by the Athletic Code *
7. The activity fee to participate in Lowell High School athletics can be explained as: *
8. The academic eligibility policy requires a student to have passed 4 of 5 classes in the previous trimester and be passing 4 of 5 classes in the current trimester. *
9. The parent's role in interscholastic athletics is to provide support to son/daughter and the team and model good sportsmanship. *
10. When communicating with a coach, a parent should discuss other athletes, team strategies, and playing time. *
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