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Parent's Questionnaire
As a parent of a student(s) of St Catherine's Your opinions are valued and may be used to help form the next five year school development plan
What year group is your child/children in *
Do you feel part of a school community? *
1= strongly disagree 5=strongly agree
Are you given opportunities to express your opinion about school issues? *
Do you feel your opinions regarding school life will be acted upon? *
Are you aware of the opportunity to contribute to school life? *
Would you like the opportunity to contribute to school life? *
Healthy lifestyle
Do you know what your child spends their money on each day? *
Would you like to know what your child buys in the canteen? *
Does your child eat breakfast before leaving the house? *
Are you aware there is a prayer room in St. Catherine’s College? *
Do you think it is important for your child to have access to a prayer room outside of Formal visits? *
Do you think your child should be encouraged to use the prayer room more? *
If your child had a test or an assignment due would you agree to allow them to stay at home? *
Are you aware that education is not an option, it is compulsory, and that if a child or young person does not attend school regularly a parent can receive a fine of up to £1000 in court?(for each child) *
Did you know that a family holiday is considered an unauthorised absence even if a note is provided by a parent or a phone call has been made by a parent? *
Did you know that young people who regularly miss school without good reason are more likely to become isolated from their friends, to underachieve in examinations and/or become involved in anti-social behaviour? *
Would you be surprised to learn that a 90% attendance record at the end of a school year equates to 19 days, almost 4 school weeks, of absence? *
Are you aware of the various Numeracy support strategies available in St. Catherine’s? *
How confident are you at helping your child with their Numeracy/maths homework? *
5 is most confident
Are you aware that additional resources are available on Showbie? *
Do you feel a Numeracy Workshop for parents would benefit you in supporting your child at home?
Clear selection
Literacy in its most basic form is the ability to read and write. This questionnaire is designed to help us audit how parents/guardians feel about the development of literacy in Saint Catherine’s College.

As a parent/guardian how aware are you of your child’s literacy development? *
1=unaware 5=very aware
As a parent guardian, I am happy with my child’s/children’s level of literacy (specifically in the areas of writing proper sentences, use of accurate punctuation, grammar and spellings, and legible handwriting). *
How often does your child read at home? *
1=never reads 5= is always reading
How confident are you about using digital technology aids (iPads, Apps, Kindle, eReaders, Online Learning) to assist your child’s literacy? *
1=not confident 5=very confident
Would you be prepared to attend after-school training in how to promote literacy at home?
Clear selection
careers education information and Guidance
How often do you discuss careers guidance with your son/ daughter? *
Do you feel involved in your child's careers guidance at St Catherine's College? *
Do you feel informed about events and online careers guidance at St Catherine's College? *
Do You know what STEM means? *
Have you discussed with your child, possible careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths? *
Do You feel that STEM careers are more appealing to boys than girls?
Clear selection
Do You feel you need more information on STEM? *
Promoting positive behaviour
Do you feel that effective measures are used to promote good behaviour in school? *
1=strongly disagree 5= strongly agree
Would you like an input to suggest measures we might adopt to promote positive behaviour in the future? *
Teaching and learning
Think about your child's learning and teaching experiences in St. Catherine's College. Then choose the option that best describes how much you agree or disagree with each statement. *
I am fully aware of the tasks and topics that my child studies in ALL subjects, and what skills they are developing in order to contribute to 21st Century society. *
1=strongly disagree 5=strongly agree
I believe St. Catherine's College have successfully embraced the use of Digital Technology in the classroom to aid my child's learning and teaching experiences. *
I am a confident user of digital technology, but would like to avail of training on Digital technology and mobile devices.
Clear selection
I am aware of the dangers my child may face through using the internet and social-networking sites, and I know what steps to take to protect my child online. *
The Heritage of Saint Catherine’s College/Coláiste Chaitríona, educational and religious, its roots in the Convent Schools run by the Society of the Sacred Heart , is worth preserving for present and future generations. *
1=strongly disagree 5= strongly agree
Saint Catherine’s College/Coláiste Chaitríona should actively take steps to acquire, display and make accessible items/artefacts of heritage interest (including, for example, books, documents, photographs, old school registers, audio recordings *
The values of the Society of the Sacred Heart, the shared traditions attached to their schools across the world, the vision that is rooted in equality of opportunity and meeting the needs of each individual child, should be strengthened as the moral, cultural and educational framework of Saint Catherine’s College/Coláiste Chaitríona. *
The 5 Goals of Sacred Heart Education (Faith, Character, Intellect, Community, Social Awareness) provide a cherished and relevant ethical underpinning of daily life in Saint Catherine’s College/Coláiste Chaitríona. *
(For Parents/Carers who are past Pupils of the school) Is there any aspect of your own experience of Sacred Heart Education that you’d like to see emphasised or restored in the Saint Catherine’s College/Coláiste Chaitríona of today?
Tracking Data
There are 5 tracking assessments per year (including Christmas and Summer tests). Do you feel that there are: *
Pupil tracking takes place October mid-term, Christmas, February, Easter and Summer. Do you feel that the timing of these tracking assessments is appropriate? *
Do you feel that tracking has improved your son/daughter’s subject knowledge? *
Does your son/daughter use the results of their tracking assessments to inform future revision and planning?
Clear selection
If available, would you like greater access to information on your child’s academic progress? *
Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions above if you have any other relevant comments please add them below.
Any other relevant comment
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