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Fairshare Farm Supporter Form
1. Supporters are people who wish to occasionally participate or simply donate to the garden without
committing to weekly workdays and garden events.
2. In order to be listed as a supporter and allowed to participate in garden activities, we ask each supporter for
a small donation. Please send your donation to SECIA, P. O. Box 18460 , Minneapolis, MN 55418 along
with this form.
3. If spaces are available, a supporter can become a regular member by applying their donation towards the
$20 annual membership dues.
4. Supporters may attend any regular garden event or workday.

5. When at the garden, supporters are expected to follow the instructions of garden coordinators and the rules
detailed in the FairShare Farm Terms and Conditions.
6. Supporters are not to plant or harvest without instruction or consent from a garden member or coordinator.
7. Harvest priority is given to regular members before sharing with attending supporters.

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