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Automating Referral Information
Automated communication can be a tricky process and requires planning to go smoothly. The questions below don't address every aspect but should get you thinking about how you can automate RDVM communication within your current workflow.
Do you currently have an online referral form?
Do you currently have trouble getting all the information from your RDVMs for referrals? (check all that apply)
Related to the question above: On a scale of 1 to 5, how useful would you find automated record retrieval for a referral's Case History, Owner & RDVM information, Prescriptions, Lab work and Imaging so you don't have to call the RDVM to obtain patient records?
I look forward to calling RDVMs 10 times for a patient's record
OMG! If you can do this, SIGN ME UP NOW!
Vetology's Referral Form Data Integration Demo
Do you currently have access to your RDVM records, imaging and bloodwork for emergencies, when the RDVM is closed? (check all that apply)
Vetology's Award Winning Patient Information Flipbook
Do you currently alert RDVMs to emergency cases you've seen?
What is the ideal time frame when you would alert RDVMs to emergency cases you've seen?
Your answer
Do you currently alert RDVMs about deceased or euthanized cases?
What is the ideal time frame when you would alert RDVMs to deceased or euthanized cases?
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Do you want Vetology to contact you? (IMPORTANT: Use "Other" field below if you want to add your contact information otherwise we don't know how to contact you)
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