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The Step Up Language Program

You are about to start a pilot program designed to help people improve their language skills while they help others achieve the same goal. The activities and groups you will take part in will motivate, encourage, and strengthen you every step of the way.

IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO HELP OTHERS IN THE PROCESS, PLEASE RETHINK YOUR REGISTRATION (as members with unexplained inactivity will be removed)

You may be required to provide assistance (written material, recordings, or quick tutoring sessions to other participants) in both languages that you are studying and the ones you already know. Your participation is paramount to the success of the program.

I pledge to not leave YOU behind, and I expect you do pledge not to leave ANYONE else behind.

Answer the questions below the best you can so that I am able to find and prepare material to support you in your journey.

I wanted to wish you luck, but you don't need it. You need determination and support! So bring the determination and I'll give you the support ;)

Name (First and Last) *
What name do you use on Facebook? (If different from the name above)
Email (preferably Gmail for G-Drive access) *
Which languages do you know or have studied (A1 and above)? Please also indicate your approximate level. *
What is your target language(s) for the 3 months of the program? *
Why do you want to learn this/these language(s)? (The more information you provide better support you may receive. If you want the help, but doesn't want your reason shared publicly you may say so and I'll make sure that no one else will have access to it.) *
Pledge to share your knowledge
I pledge to share what I know, as long as it doesn't hinder my own learning process, according to the necessities of the community. All written and recorded material will be of public access and I'm not personally responsible for possible mistakes.
Based on the text above, your fourth question. *
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