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Unheard Voices: Stories of LGBTQ+ People in Taylor County
Hello! If you have opened this Link then you are most likely interested in being part of this project. For too long LGBTQ+ people in rural Kentucky have either suppressed themselves for fear of ridicule or moved to a larger city to seek community and a safe haven. This is especially true in Taylor County. The project Unheard Voices was started in an effort to provide a space for past and present Taylor County LGBTQ+ community members to share their story and finally be heard. It is the goal of the project to eventually publish these stories into an anthology that will exist to comfort LGBTQ+ persons who feel isolated, it will serve to educate community leaders who may think that there are no LGBTQ+ people in this town, and it will help the individuals by providing a place to share their story.

This form is split into 3 sections: The first section will be to find out a bit about you and your background, the second section will allow you to tell us your story, and the third will provide you space to answer some questions related to your experience in Taylor County.

If you have any questions please email
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