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TASC Midwest Bird Expo 2019
VENDORS: Please fill out the following information completely to be considered for a booth at our event. Each table is 8' long. The venue will take place at Pheasant Run Resort, 4051 East Main Street, St. Charles, IL 60174. The vendor hall will be open from 1pm-7pm on Friday, November 15th and from 9am-3pm on Saturday, November 16th. Vendor tables are $35 each or $30 each when requesting 2 or more.
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If you checked "Live Birds" above, please list any species below. Please know that all birds will be visually checked by a veterinarian and any birds that are deemed of questionable health must be removed from the premises immediately.
If you checked "Other" above, please list what you will have available at your booth.
All birds must be on the tables by 12:00pm SHARP on Friday afternoon for vet check AND must meet or exceed established list of criteria. No table assignment will be guaranteed without full payment or if your paperwork is incomplete or missing.• All monies owed to TASC by vendors must be paid before you are allowed in to the expo. • Vendors pay for a 8'0" table only. Vendors that need additional room for merchandise should make prior arrangements to accommodate their needs. No chairs, merchandise or items will be allowed to extend past the assigned table. 2 chairs per vendor (not per table) are provided at no extra charge. Each additional chair will be $5.00. • All birds to be sold must be in good health. An avian veterinarian chosen by TASC will examine all birds at the expo. The vet check is scheduled to start approximately 12:00 pm Friday afternoon, therefore all birds must be available for inspection on your table at this time. NO NEW BIRDS WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE FAIR ONCE VET IS FINISHED. TASC reserves the right to remove any bird from the expo that is deemed to be in an unhealthy condition by the vet. The veterinarian’s decision is FINAL. Any bird deemed unhealthy must be placed in a carrier provided by vendor so it can be placed in a separate facility until the end of the expo. VENDOR IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SAFETY OF THE BIRD IF THIS IS DEEMED NECESSARY.• The veterinarian will be checking to see if vendors/birds meet these criteria: ◦ Cages must be clean and in good condition (no rust or insects).◦ Fresh food and water must be supplied at all times.◦ Overcrowding in cages will not be tolerated.◦ Perches of proper size must be supplied in all cages with ample perch space for all birds.◦ Cages must be proper size for birds being displayed and MUST be able to contain your birds at all times including transporting to and from the expo.◦ All birds that are not caged, restrained by a harness, or free flight trained, during Expo must have wings clipped for their own safety.• All birds sold to the public must be weaned. If a vendor does not respect this rule, they will be denied the opportunity to participate at ALL TASC events in the future.• We encourage vendors to set up early. Expo hours to the public are on Friday 1:00pm-7:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-3:00pm Please have your table set up by Friday 12:30 pm and do not pack up until the fair ends at 3:00 pm on Saturday. Doors open to vendors at 11am on Friday and 8:00 am Saturday. After unloading, all vendors MUST move their vehicles to the main parking lot. The building must be emptied and cleaned by 5:00pm on Saturday. If you require assistance, a TASC volunteer may be available to help.• The Pheasant Run Resort has a NO SMOKING policy for all of their buildings. This WILL be strictly enforced. You MUST move at least 20’ away from the building to prevent the smoke from coming in the building affecting the birds.• No sub-letting of tables will be permitted. Only vendors listed on the contract agreement will be granted a table assignment. If two vendors plan to share one table, BOTH vendors must sign the table agreement.• ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS for table(s) will be granted.• Vendors cannot sell birds to minors unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.• Due to extremely high ceilings, birds that are not caged, restrained by a harness, or free flight trained, must be clipped for their own safety. TASC is a not for profit organization. In order for this event to be a true success we rely on people like you to help as one of our means to spread the word about our events. Please add us to your web site, request posters or fliers for your store fronts or to stuff your bags, etc. Please email for event materials or, if you have a local paper in which you feel TASC should advertise this event, please send us that information as well. No unweaned birds may be sold to the public and all cages displayed must be clean and appropriate for the size birds you are housing. *
You will receive a PayPal invoice that MUST be paid prior to the event. Contact Traci, TASC Vendor Relations, if you have any questions at If you do not receive a PayPal invoice within the next ten (10) business days, please contact us at the email provided above. *
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