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2016-2017 Course Change Request
This form is to request a change in your schedule. Please make sure to include as much detail as possible. Forms that are not completed fully or do not explain why the change should be made will be denied.

You will receive a response via email as soon as possible.


Esta forma es para pedir un cambio a su horario. Por favor de incluir una explicación detallada. Las formas que no se completen o no expliquen por que se debe completar el cambio serán negadas.

Usted recibirá una respuesta por medio de email lo mas pronto posible.

These are the classes offered
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The response to your request will come in the form of an email. Please type carefully. ~ La respuesta a su pedido se contestara por medio de email. Por favor de deletrear con cuidado.
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Describe the change you are requesting and why it should be changed. Describa el cambio de horario que pide y por que deber ser concedido. *
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