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How Will Your Research Change the World?
The Graduate College features stories of impactful research that solves socially significant problems. We are interested in stories that reflect how knowledge is mobilized. Specifically, selected stories should meet these three criteria:

(1) how you make research, conducted independently or with a faculty member, and/or expertise accessible to your intended audience(s) or broader audience(s);
(2) how that audience(s) used the research findings or expertise for a meaningful purpose; and
(3) what evidence is available about the impact of using the research findings and/or expertise.

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Your Knowledge Mobilization Story
1. What problems do you address with your research? Why is your research important? *
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2. What research finding and/ or technical knowledge did you mobilize? (make sure your story meets the three criteria identified above). *
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3. How did you mobilize your work/technical expertise? Identify (a) the key message(s) of this work, and (b) the strategies you used to make your knowledge/ expertise accessible, usable, and impactful. *
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4. Tell us about the impact of your mobilization efforts. What evidence, data or metrics do you have related to the impact of your mobilization efforts? *
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5. What else would you like to share with us?
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We Appreciate You Sharing Your Story
Thank you for taking the time to complete the KM Impact Story form. Such knowledge mobilization stories may be published or highlighted on a website, social media, in printed materials and/or news releases. Having your story featured in one of our media provides you with a unique opportunity to engage with multiple audiences while showcasing your work and providing the platform for deeper engagement.

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Please upload a photo of yourself in action, as the inclusion of your photo will assist with illustrating your work and personalizing your story. The photo needs to be sharp and clear, preferably taken at high quality with a digital camera. Photos of you at work should be of you alone with no other people in the photo. If it is determined that we would like to utilize your photo, we will contact you at the e-mail address which you have provided.

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